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When not immersed in books — be it writing or reading them — Ainat can usually be found nestling a cup of coffee in the company of her husband and twins.

A former fast-food employee, T-shirt seller, and glorified secretary, Ainat eventually found herself with Bachelor’s and LL.M. degrees and working as a lawyer.

A few years later, listening to a catchy pop song about dream fulfillment, Ainat decided to buy a clunky little laptop and get to work. Ten novels and a much better laptop later, she came to the realization that hitting the double-digit mark meant it was time to publish and start consuming coffee (though not necessarily in that order).

When she isn’t writing, editing, or mothering, Ainat enjoys reading promiscuously (which, to her, means she’s reading several novels at a time while committing to none), watching political dramas and sci-fi series, and taking embarrassing memos-to-self complete with accents and dramatic pauses that should never be unleashed, ever.

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‘Out of Sync’ is available through the following sites:

Amazon Kindle | Amazon Paperback | Smashwords | iBookstore | B&N | Kobo | Createspace

Excerpt from ‘Out of Sync’ can be found here.

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